Resource Center for Inclusive Education

Resource Center for Inclusive Education (hereinafter, CREI) at the “Alecu Russo” Balti State University (hereinafter, USARB), was established on the basis of the INOVEST Project: Eastern Partnership in Pedagogical Innovations in Inclusive Education, no. 530417-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-DETEMPUS-SMHES, implemented during 2012-2015 (institutional coordinator of the project Associate Professor, Phd Valentina Priţcan)

CREI achieves the following objectives:

  1. a) development and provision of psycho-pedagogical services for students with special education needs;
  2. b) raising awareness and informing the staff about the particularities of development and the special educational needs of the students in order to jointly create an inclusive academic environment;
  3. c) realization and creation of partnerships with the involvement of the community, the decision-makers in ensuring continuity in the training and professional development of students with special educational needs.

Services offered by the Center:

        Individualized assistance of students with special educational needs

  1. a) planning and carrying out educational support activities for students with special educational needs;
  2. b) ensuring the conditions for the professional development of students with special educational needs in relation to the options and the individual potential;
  3. c) organizing research activities within the framework of the thematic scientific research circle “Inclusive education”;
  4. d) organizing extracurricular activities with the theme of inclusive education;
  5. e) notifying the administration of the educational institution regarding the risk situations for special education needs students;
  6. f) administration of the database and monitoring at institutional level the situation of the beneficiaries of the Resource Center.
  7. g) organization of information and public awareness activities.

Methodological assistance for staff

  1. a) offering informational and methodological assistance to university staff and those from general education in the field of inclusive education;
  2. b) coordinating and carrying out, in partnership with other centers and departments, the activities of developing the inclusive educational process;
  3. c) collaboration with the Republican Center for psycho-pedagogical assistance, the District / municipal psycho-pedagogical assistance service, the pre-university institutions with inclusive practices in order to identify the needs of continuous training and the development of inclusive education;
  4. d) organizing activities to promote the principles and values ​​of inclusive education.

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