Alecu Russo Balti State University (USARB) offers study opportunities for foreign students, citizens of other countries, admission being ensured at all Faculties and specialties of the institution. The language of instruction is Romanian.

To study at USARB, international students must submit a set of documents to the Bureau of Immigration and Asylum in order to obtain a temporary residence visa for studies (according to the Law No. 200 of 16.07.2010 of the Republic of Moldova “Regarding the status of foreigners in the Republic of Moldova”).

The List of documents required for obtaining the temporary residence visa for studies (original and copies must be submitted):

  1. The official request of the educational institution and a standardized request form;
  2. The original of alien’s national passport and its copy with the appropriate entry-stamps applied by the state border control body (confirming the date and place of crossing the state border) and the copy of the visa (for aliens based on visa);
  3. Copy of the Agreement of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research indicating the period of carrying out the studies;
  4. Copy of the document certifying the registration for studies;
  5. Copy of the study contract;
  6. The original and copy of the proof of accommodation (the declaration of the owner authenticated by the notary public, the confirmation of accommodation in the dormitory);
  7. The original of the criminal record from the country of origin, legalized/ apostilled (according to legal requirements), translated into Romanian and authenticated by a notary public or a consular office, except minors under 16 years of age;
  8. The original and copy of the blood type;
  9. The original and copy of the medical alien’s insurance valid for at least 3 months;
  10. The original and copy of a bank certificate confirming the existence of financial funds necessary for the costs of living in the Republic of Moldova; the amount of money corresponding to the type of residence requested. Exception: foreign students who receive a study scholarship in the Republic of Moldova, in this case, the evidence of receiving the scholarship;
  11. 1 colour photo 3 × 4;
  12. Other requested documents (activity license, registration certificate, extract from the State Register of enterprises and organizations – for the institutions submitting the file for the first time).

Take into account!

  • Documents must be submitted 30 days prior to the expiration of the approved residence period on the Republic of Moldova territory.
  • Failure to comply with the application deadline is sanctioned, according to the provisions of Art. 333 of the Contravention Code of the Republic of Moldova.

Normative acts:

  • Governmental Decision No. 504 of 04.07.2017 for the approval of the Regulation on the Studies of Aliens in Educational Institutions of the Republic of Moldova and the Abrogation of Government Decisions
  • Law no. 200 of the Republic of Moldova of 16.07.2010 – Regarding the regime of aliens in the Republic of Moldova
  • Modification of the Law no. 200 of 16.07.2010 – Regarding the regime of aliens in the Republic of Moldova