General information

The Higher Education System in the Republic of Moldova is structured on 3 levels (according to Bologna Process):

  • 1stcycle – Bachelor studies
  • 2ndcycle – Master studies
  • 3rdcycle – PhD studies

Higher Education of the Republic of Moldova is administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECC)

Bachelor degree programs are organized full-time and part-time. Part-time degree programs require one additional year of study. A Diploma of Bachelor is awarded to the graduates who have defended the final Graduation Thesis. Graduates are awarded the Title of Bachelor in a specific field of study.

Master degree programs are usually organized full-time and finalize with Master Thesis defence. Graduates who have successfully defended the Master Thesis are awarded the Title of Master in the field of study and the chosen specialization and are conferred a Diploma of Master.  

Doctoral degree programs are carried out through comprehensive scientific research, professional activity and creative work, with a length of 3 years for full-time studies and 4 years for part-time studies. Doctoral studies finalize by a public presentation of an original Research Thesis, evaluated by an Accredited Scientific Committee. The holder of a Doctoral Diploma is awarded the PhD title in a particular field of science or arts.

Academic year

The academic year starts on the 1st of September and lasts up to the end of June (42 weeks), with holiday breaks in January and April/May (depending on Easter holidays).

Each academic year is divided into two equal semesters. Each semester consists of 15 full weeks of classes, followed by the examination session.

An academic year includes two examination sessions and practical trainings (internships).

Grading scale

The grading scale runs from 1 to 10. The minimal passing grade is 5.

The marks have the following meaning:

Grading scale, Republic of Moldova

Moldavian Grade

ECTS Grade

Definition of Scale Interval






Very good





















The correlation between the national grading system and the ECTS system can be accessed on the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECC) website

The total number of ECTS credits per semester is 30. Each degree program in Higher Education corresponds to a certain number of transferable ECTS credits.

The total number of ECTS credits per academic year is 60.